Concerts in the Chapel

Witness the Chapel come to life with the sounds of soul-stirring and provocative music.

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International Day of Peace Observation & Hurricane Harvey Relief Concert: Apollo Chamber Players
Thursday, September 21 2017, 6 PM

Art and Incarceration: Poetry, Theatre and Music in and about Captivity
Thursday, October 12 2017, 7 PM

Breath: The Transitory Sound and Movement Collective
Tuesday, February 20 2018, 7 PM

A site-specific sound and movement work created by The Transitory Sound and Movement Collective explored the dynamics and subtleties of what life is at its essence.

Music and Spoken Word: The Sounds of El Salvador
Saturday, March 24 2018, 4 PM

To commemorate the anniversary of Archbishop Romero's martyrdom, hear music inspired by Romero and jazz renditions of Salvadoran folk mass and popular songs with readings of Romero’s words and witnesses from his homilies.

In a Moss Garden: The Sounds of Japan
Tuesday, April 10 2018, 7 PM

This program juxtaposes aspects of traditional Japanese musical aesthetics through the medium of newly composed works for Japanese instruments and percussion.