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Book Talk: Total Environmental Alignment by C.C. Lee & Miguel A. Castillo

Book Talk: Total Environmental Alignment: A Modern-day Approach to the Feng Shui Practice by C.C. Lee and Miguel A. Castillo
Welcome House Plaza
Free |
 In-person event with chair seating

The community joined for a book talk and signing of Total Environmental Alignment®: A Modern-day Approach to the Feng Shui Practice outside of the Welcome House. Total Environmental Alignment (TEA) is the first book to reveal the secrets and criteria that Feng Shui Masters use to select which Feng Shui system best applies to a specific setting and how to use it properly. This book introduces the use of the TEA Scorecard®, which provides the reader with the first-ever Feng Shui Scoring System. This simple, step-by-step assessment allows enthusiasts and professionals alike to determine the level at which their home or office aligns with the authentic principles of Feng Shui.

About the authors
Chao-Chiung (C.C.) Lee, President & CEO of STOA Architect, is a world-renowned architect who has managed a successful architectural practice since 1983 with offices in Texas, Florida, and New York. His strong and internationally-proven, systematic design method helps clients worldwide with modern design and development challenges. Under C.C.’s leadership, the firm has designed diverse hospitality and higher education projects including several maintenance facilities and service centers. C.C. Lee is also a Feng Shui Master who has been teaching interactive workshops at Rice University since 1999 as well as many other universities around the world. C.C. is a Rothko Chapel Board Member.


Miguel A. Castillo, ME, MGT is a psychotherapist, tantric spiritual teacher, an internationally recognized scientific researcher, and inspirational speaker (TEDx), well known for his work and contributions to the United States Space Program. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas in 2005, coupled with graduate studies in Counseling, Material Science, Aeronautics, and Aviation. For many years, he has served as an engineering lead for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, with some of his inventions currently found on board the International Space Station.

Saturday, April 29, 2023
11:00 AM