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Twelve Moments: Experiencing Spiritual and Faith Traditions

Samani Vikas Pragya and Samani Maryada Pragya, Jain Meditation
Suggested donation $10, click here to make a donation ahead of time

Jain meditation focuses on becoming aware of the renewal of both the universe and the individual in an effort to identify one’s true nature, or Atman, and to experience harmony and respect for other humans and nature.

Samani Vikas Pragya has a master’s degree in Jainology, and Samani Maryda Pragya has a master’s degree in Sanskrit. Each graduated from Jain Vishya Bharati University, and they are both well versed in Jain scriptures and philosophy. They have led many meditations, workshops, camps and seminars.

The series is co-sponsored by Ligmincha Texas Institute, The Jung Center of Houston, MD Anderson Cancer Center, and the Rothko Chapel.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016
12:00 PM

Experience contemplative practices.