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Summer Sounds with Ars Lyrica

Saturday, July 20, 2024
11:00 AM

Orígenes: Voice and percussion through the ages
Pay What You Can $5-25, general admission bench seating

Orígenes is a bilingual program curated by Mexican-born mezzo-soprano Cecilia Duarte and Spanish-born percussionist Jesús Pacheco, and featuring guitarist Héctor Alfonso Torres. The program explores the development of voice and percussion instruments with a focus on Spanish and Latin American cultures in the 15th-17th centuries. A trio of voice, guitar, and percussion will perform impassioned music from the Renaissance to the present day, showcasing how voice and percussion developed through the ages.

Featured instruments will include gongs, bells, vibraphone, and drums. Audiences will learn how these instruments were used for communication, accompanying people through the everyday human experience: from festive celebrations to poignant moments of sorrow and drama. From the earliest forms of musical expression to contemporary soundscapes, Orígenes immerses listeners in a journey through time, revealing the diverse colors and textures of Spanish and Latin American musical heritage.


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