Concept of the Divine

Gather as speakers from diverse faith communities and sectors of society share their personal spiritual journey,
how it has shaped their views about their place in the cosmos, and impacted their service to community.

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Concept of the Divine: A Navajo Perspective on Reverence for Life with Suzanne Benally
Thursday, December 7 2017, 7 PM

Join Suzanne Benally, the first Indigenous Executive Director of Cultural Survival, as she shares her personal spiritual journey as a Navajo and Santa Clara from New Mexico.

Concept of the Divine: A Hunger for Wholeness with Ilia Delio and Bill Kerley
Thursday, February 15 2018, 7 PM

Join us for a conversation on the intersection of science and religion with Ilia Delio, a theologian specializing in evolution, physics, and neuroscience and Bill Kerley, a Jungian psychological and spiritual teacher.

Concept of the Divine: Jerry Woodfill
Tuesday, April 17 2018, 7 PM