private services

make the Chapel your own

Everything that makes the Rothko Chapel the unique experience it is also makes it a unique setting for private services. The Chapel has welcomed weddings, memorials, baptisms, bar and bat mitzvahs, and other services commemorating significant life events. 

a simple process

To get started, we recommend that you review the private services policies below.

Next, fill out the completed private services application and chapel setup page and submit it to us. You can mail or fax this, or send an email.

Please, note that all services held at the Chapel must go through the application process listed above. We do not allow services to take place on the Plaza, Grounds, or within the Chapel without the express written permission of the Rothko Chapel.

We typically get in touch within a few days of receiving your application to schedule an in-person meeting. During this meeting, we go over the policies, conduct a walk-through of the Chapel, and discuss and confirm seating arrangements, setup requests and fees. Please have someone in mind who can be your on-site coordinator for the day of your service. Preferably, this is someone not involved in the service, so he or she is available to coordinate with our staff during the event.

At that point, if you are ready to commit, we ask you to sign an agreement and pay the non-refundable deposit. The remaining balance is due no later than one week prior to the service.

private services policies

The Rothko Chapel has created these policies to make sure services run smoothly and professionally.



The base fee for a memorial service is $1000 and $1500 for all other services. The non-refundable deposit amount is $500.

Additional fees:

$150 for security, the need for which is determined on a case by case basis

$100 for services scheduled after 6 PM and/or if services have 100 or more guests

$150 for use of the sound system, which includes a sound technician

$100/hour for on-site dressing rooms



Services are limited to 60 minutes. 

Please schedule your event between the hours of 11 AM and 7 PM and no more than six months in advance.

Holidays observed by the administrative offices are not available for private events. These include MLK Day, President’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and the day after, and Christmas Eve through New Year’s Day.

Services and receptions are not permitted on the Plaza or grounds.

For weddings, we encourage you to schedule a rehearsal the day before the service between 5 and 6 PM. Rehearsals are limited to 20 participants. The Chapel remains open to the public during the rehearsal.



The maximum number of guests is 150.

The Chapel will close to the public 30 minutes prior to the beginning of the ceremony for guests to arrive and be seated.

We ask that all guests remain seated during the service.

Any additional guests should sit in overflow seating outside the Chapel or stand on the plaza.

sound and music

sound and music

Live music is welcome.

We can provide a sound technician, for a fee, if the service requires recorded music, microphones or other audio needs.

photography, videography, and electronic devices

photography, videography, and electronic devices

Photography and videography for personal use are permitted on the Chapel grounds. No photography is permitted inside of the Chapel building.

Props, furniture, or other external items used in photography are not permitted. 

Drones are not permitted for any photography or videography on the grounds, or any other photography or videography medium that may cause damage to a work of art or visitors.

Please silence all cell phones and other electronic devices. Talking on cell phones inside the Chapel is not allowed.

flowers and decoration

flowers and decoration

Decorations, including candles, flower arrangements, photographs, artwork, and/or slides are not permitted inside the Chapel or on the Plaza, except as noted below. 

Guests may not throw flowers or rice in the Chapel or on the Plaza.

One framed photograph, a guestbook, programs, and/or one small flower arrangement may be placed on the foyer desk 30 minutes prior to the service. Please have any flower arrangement and/or other items for the foyer desk delivered within an hour of the beginning of the ceremony.

A bride may carry one small bouquet during the ceremony.

Caskets and funerary urns are not permitted in the Chapel or on the Plaza.

A dedicated Chapel representative works with you to prepare for the service, and is on-site during the service to help as needed.