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Monday, January 21 | 11 AM

MLK Day Audio Installation

In honor of MLK Day, the Rothko Chapel plays speeches from his life throughout the day. Come listen to the quiet of the Chapel resonate with MLK’s voice.

Thursday, January 31 | 7 PM

Dancing on Thin Ice with The Seldoms

Chicago-based company, The Seldoms, will share an excerpt of Floe, a new dance theater work that embodies the fragmentation of our global conversation on climate change.

Thursday, February 28 | 7 PM

Toward a Better Future: Transforming the Climate Crisis

The Rothko Chapel will explore the human impact of climate change, with special attention to those who live on the social, political and economic margins, and how communities are effectively addressing this global challenge.


10 AM - 6 PM


3900 Yupon St. at Sul Ross Houston, TX 77006

Parking & directions

(713) 524-9839



Dancing on Thin Ice with The Seldoms

Thursday, January 31 | 7:00 PM

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