Twelve Moments

Participate in a contemplative practice on the first Wednesday of each month with leaders from Houston’s diverse
faith and spiritual traditions. These experiential offerings include silence, chanting, singing, prayer, and more.

Click below to learn more about each month's offering and register to attend.

Twelve Moments: Reflection & Renewal in the Wake of Hurricane Harvey
Wednesday, September 6 2017, 12 PM

Twelve Moments: Baha’i Tradition
Wednesday, October 4 2017, 12 PM

Twelve Moments: Hindu Tradition
Wednesday, November 1 2017, 12 PM

Twelve Moments: Christian Tradition
Wednesday, December 6 2017, 12 PM

Learn about Posadas, a Latino tradition during Advent which involves re-enacting Mary and Joseph’s search for a place of rest in Bethlehem.

Twelve Moments: New Year’s Day Crystal Bowls
Monday, January 1 2018, 12 PM

Begin the year with a fresh intention through the cleansing vibrations of the bowls.

Twelve Moments: Daoist Tradition
Wednesday, February 7 2018, 12 PM

Learn about and practice Daoist Inner Alchemy from the San Feng lineage.

Twelve Moments: Zoroastrian Tradition
Wednesday, March 7 2018, 12 PM

Led by Fali Engineer of the Zoroastrian Association of Houston, this session will explore contemplative practices from the Zoroastrian perspective.

Twelve Moments: Zen Buddhist Tradition
Wednesday, April 4 2018, 12 PM

Twelve Moments: Islamic Tradition
Wednesday, May 2 2018, 12 PM

Twelve Moments: Sikh Tradition
Wednesday, June 6 2018, 12 PM

Twelve Moments: Mindful Moments for Parents and Families
Wednesday, July 11 2018, 12 PM

Twelve Moments: Laughter Meditation
Wednesday, August 1 2018, 12 PM