LGBT in America: The Last Legal Discrimination

Councilman Joel Burns and Robert Leleux
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Despite profound changes in society regarding support for LGBT civil rights, most states uphold legal discrimination against their own citizens. What effects does such systematic discrimination and ingrained homophobia have on the way LGBT people are treated, especially youth? How does one heal after being bullied for her or his sexual identity, and what can the community do to promote healing and prevent future harm? Councilman Joel Burns and author Robert Leleux will have a timely and substantive conversation on these topics, particularly in light of the two landmark marriage rights cases pending with the Supreme Court. 

Fort Worth Councilman Joel Burns rocketed to internet fame after a YouTube video of him detailing his years of bullying went viral as part of the "It Gets Better Project." Robert Leleux is a freelance writer and editor, and the author of two books including The Living End and The Memoirs of a Beautiful Boy. Leleux is also the features editor of Lonny Magazine and a writer for the Texas Observer.

Thursday, June 20, 2013
7:00 PM

Learn about LGBT civil rights.