Music and Spoken Word: The Sounds of El Salvador

Anniversary of Archbishop Óscar Romero's Martyrdom
Music and Spoken Word: The Sounds of El Salvador
Trinity Episcopal JAZZ Ensemble
Pay What You Can at the door, no registration required.

To commemorate the anniversary of Archbishop Romero's martyrdom, Trinity Jazz Ensemble performs music inspired by Archbishop Óscar Romero and jazz renditions of Salvadoran folk mass and popular songs with readings of Romero’s words and witnesses from his book Violence of Love and his homilies by community leaders from all around Houston.

The Trinity Jazz Ensemble provides contemporary music for Sunday worship at Trinity Episcopal Church on Holman and Main Streets. The music is jazz, gospel, classical and traditional, always in an acoustic, unamplified setting, sensitive, joyous and gentle. Performers include: April Sloan-Hubert, vocals; Pelayo Parlade, piano; Mike Owen, bass; and Ernesto Vega, flute and clarinet.

Saturday, March 24, 2018
4:00 PM