The Anguish of the Journey: Central American Migration through Mexico

Father Heyman Vazquez

Every year, tens of thousands of Central American migrants, fleeing poverty and political repression, make the dangerous journey through Mexico to reach the United States.  Under pressure from the United States to close Mexico’s southern border to these migrants, Mexico has stepped up its border enforcement, and the suffering has been enormous.  Kidnappings, robberies, and murders have become commonplace, many times as a result of drug gang turf wars.  In 2004, after years of helping migrants on an as-needed basis, Father Vazquez sought donations to build a shelter known as House of Mercy.   Since then, it has taken in thousands of migrants, and operates as a safe haven where migrants find shelter, food, medical attention, and companionship.

Thursday, April 12, 2012
7:00 PM

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